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[Jan. 20th, 2009|07:17 pm]
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[Current Music |saves the day - stay what you are]

i just hit my mailing list for the first time in 2 years. i'm so slack!! hahah. i thought i'd put it here too just because it's my journal innit and then i can remember what i wrote when i read it back in 10 years time (probably when i send my next email innit hahah) and that's the whole point of keeping a journal, innit?


so, i'm pretty sure the last time i sent an email to my mailing list (that's you folks) was in january 2007 whilst sat in the dressing room at dublin ambassador during the NME tour. i didn't realise i was quite that slack at keeping in touch so i do hope you've all been good for the last 2 years! hahah... and obviously hello to all you new people that have signed up more recently. man, i really am pretty rubbish!

anyway, all that means that i thought it about time i write you! the main news is that after putting my new website online all the way back in april of last year, i never actually had anytime to work on it as i was out on tour all year.
i must've travelled about 100,000 miles last year so it's nice to be back home with my bed and xbox. in addition to all the killing of nazis and winning of superbowls, i've been making extra good use of the last few weeks at home and updated everything that's online best i can. there's still a whole heap of stuff to go on the site that i'm working my way through at the moment so if there's anything you're looking for and it's missing then don't fret, it'll be along soon! there's some cool bits on the new site too like an rss feed for the latest photos and sections for some of my published bits.

tiredness n'all that aside though, the upside of all that touring last year = a LOT of photos! most of them are still to come so there's lots of european festival stuff with the automatic on the way, as well as their 2 UK tours from the autumn, and whole bunch of stuff from the coldplay UK tour too (of both them and the wonderful eugene francis jnr and the juniors), and plenty of other stuff that i'm a bit too cold to remember right at the minute.

in other exciting news, i decided this evening whilst eating last nights chinese (thanks ming!) and doing some web-editing that saves the day are probably my favourite band in the world. is there actually, seriously a better album that 'stay what you are'?! pretty sure there's not. other interesting points of note include me buying some new jeans yesterday (there's a sale at lee, by the way! everything's killer cheap), finally getting round to put my poor baby macbook in for repair today, and i even got to play a bit of bass at the last ever show at the london astoria on wednesday when i made my wee cameo during the automatic's set. so, so gutted to see the venue go, so it was nice to dance about a bit onstage (and i didn't even mess up!) before it did.

how's everyone been anyway? (you can actually answer that, if you're bored, for this is my proper email address and not some robot thingmy) hope the holiday break was a good one and you're ready to smack 2009 right in the face!

so that's about it i think. in summation;
1) hi. been a wee bit quiet, sorry about that.
2) go check the site. it's almost up-to-date now!
3) i'll try and write again before 2011.

oh, and don't forget you can keep up with the latest photos and musings on my flickr, livejournal, myspace and lots of other places (ooh! like, that's a good one!) that i'm sure you can find if you hunt about...

right, off now. i've still got work to do before masterchef's on and it'd just be stupid to miss that, innit. did anyone see that idiot that only bothered cooking a pork chop and vegetables last week and then he burnt it?! what a fool! imagine getting onto masterchef and then burning a pork chop.

really going now. bye,
<3 xoxoxooxox
things to check out if you're bored:
the new site; (i don't think i mentioned it?)

[User Picture]From: yyyllop
2009-01-20 09:59 pm (UTC)


three 'innit's in one sentence? that's gotta be a new record! =P
[User Picture]From: peter_hill
2009-01-20 10:07 pm (UTC)


ahhh hahah missed that one! ooops x
[User Picture]From: ladyoflight26
2009-01-21 12:09 am (UTC)


lol I was so going to make the same comment! innit three times, and Peter goes for the Gold Innit